Online Reservations

Drive sales and increase revenue using our Online Reservation platform. Its cost effective, easy to set up and easy for your guests to use.

IT & Web Services

Making things work together is what we do. Information Technology can drive sales,  increase guest satisfaction and help control costs which ultimately adds to profitability. Let us show you how.

Automated Sales

Our automated sales team in tandem with your existing sales force and online reservation system is a trifecta for growing your business online sales

Online Reservations

A key to FEC business success is the Group and Birthday Sales market. Built on Google's Cloud platform and backed up for safety the Online Reservation engine is stable and secure. Using our online reservation engine you can:

  • Allow Guests to Book Groups and Birthday Parties from your website
  • Create Multiple Group and Birthday packages
  • Sell tickets
  • Generate sales and customer reports
  • Sooo Much More!
  • Want to see it in Action?¬†Click here

IT & Web Services

Antiquated computer systems, back office process and out of date websites are a big source of revenue loss and why some guests shy away from businesses. We can help implement new technology that will help:

  • Employees produce at a higher rate
  • Ease workflows and back office processes
  • Attract more guests
  • Increase guest returns IT and Web services sales

Automated Sales Teams

Using an automated Intelligent Sales Assistant (ISA) is a powerful tool in any FEC's Birthday Parties sales toolbox. ISA is a smart automated virtual sales assistant powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Coupled with an online reservation system ISA has the potential to cost effectively:

  • Increase Birthday Parties revenues up to %125
  • Add and validate Birthday Club database members
  • Reduce sales team sales cycles
  • Increase existing sales teams Efficiency & Productivity

Next Steps...

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